Sunday, April 6, 2014

Baby Hoopes #3!

After we had been trying for quite some time for Caleb, it wasn't until my sister Megan left on her mission when we finally saw those two lines. She claims Caleb is hers, and I don't blame her. I know her service is what helped us get him into our family. I've always felt very strongly about that. She offered a blessing the day she went to the MTC that I will never forget. Instead of blessing her mission, and her upcoming life change, she blessed me that my womb would be filled, and that we could finally become parents. That sweet prayer was answered 2 weeks after Megan left on her mission. 

Having my parents leave on a two year mission was difficult for all of us. I made the joke that if we are going to sacrifice my parents for 2 years, I better get a baby out of it. After the heartache of trying to get Codi into our family, the thought of doing that all again seemed so daunting. Little did I know how quickly we would see the blessings of their missionary service.

In the middle of January, I ordered a bunch of ovulation kits/pregnancy tests from the company that I had ordered from a bazillion times with Caleb and Codi. I started testing around the time ovulation should have occurred, but never tested positive. I figured I wasn't ovulating and thought "here we go again." 

A couple weeks later on my birthday I decided I would take a test "just in case." I figured by some SMALL chance I was pregnant, how cool would it be to find out on my birthday. When I saw a very faint second line I couldn't believe it. I ended up taking 4 tests that day. It was seriously the best birthday present ever! It ended up being the sweetest birthday I've ever had. What a gift!

Caleb was able to tell Dan because when I told him I was going to tell Dad at dinner, he was way too sad about it. He wanted to see Dan find out! Dan was SHOCKED and so so so happy! We were giddy little kids for the rest of the night. We still can't believe it. 

With my history, worry set in. The ecstatic honeymoon phase wore off pretty quickly. But I mostly felt hope. It just seemed like such a huge blessing I couldn't imagine it being taken away. How could we have gotten pregnant the first try? That doesn't happen to us! My parents had only been out a week, and we. were. blessed!

Which brings me to the first "meeting." I had my first midwife appointment on Monday and was so nervous. They were darling, and after going through all of my history, and how excited we were for this baby, they were just as excited as I was when we saw baby's HEARTBEAT! I cry just thinking about it. I am filled with such gratitude for this gift we've been given. The ease has been amazing to experience (other than I feel like poo, hence my lack of blogging). This doesn't happen to us, and we feel so grateful we get to experience it this way! Out of 7 pregnancies, this is the first to happen on its own without multiple meds. 

Below is the email I sent to my parents after the appointment. I wanted to post it here to keep record of it. Life is good, and we pray all will continue as it has! 

March 31, 2014

Went to my first midwife appointment today. I was so nervous going in because of the fear of reliving seeing a baby with no hear beat. Well, everything is PERFECT!!! It was amazing seeing that little beating heart. We can't believe how easily this little one has come into our family. We know it is a direct blessing from mom and dad serving in London! 

Yesterday as I was looking at instagram, I saw a name of a little girl that I just knew was the name of our daughter the second I saw it. I was wrong about sex last time, and I might be wrong again this time, but I really think  this is a girl. If it is, her name will be London Andrea Hoopes. I love the name, but the meaning makes it even more special. Couldn't think of a better name for this miraculous little baby. Now lets hope it really is a girl;-).

Love you all and am so grateful for your love, prayers, and support. It looks like we really will be welcoming a baby come this October/November. We are SO EXCITED!!!!!!


Starla said...

I'm so excited for a post Bri! And so excited for baby London; a perfect name for a wonderful miracle! I'm also glad you copies your email to keep forever. When we received your email we were counseling someone here and Jim just started laughing and stopped the conversation and joyfully said "Sister Phillips you've GOT TO HEAR THIS!!! He then read your post and I got teary and laughed at the same time as I rejoiced with him. Add this one to our miracle list and to the power of God's blessings from heaven when we choose to serve him. This mission would be worth it to us if only for this single blessing! I love her already!

Cody said...

I am so thrilled for you guys. What a huge blessing. :)

Christine Bell said...

I'm just elated for you guys! What a blessing! Can't wait to hear if it is a girl. Love that name!

Enjoy Birth said...

So very, very excited for you! Love the wonderful bonus blessing of family serving missions.

Dan said...
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Dan said...

I'm STILL giddy about it. I'm so happy that we get to bring another little one like Caleb or Codi into the world. If two little Hoopes' are good, three is better!

You're a great mother with unique gifts and talents that no other kids will get to experience but ours. I hope more than 3 get to join us here on Earth.

Tiffany said...

I actually only know boy London's... so you're fine either way. Congrats!

Ashlee Merback said...

Blessings, can't get enough of 'em! So very excited for another beautiful little Hoopes baby.

Mel said...

I'm so excited for you, Bri! What a miracle, I can't even believe it!!

Jill H. said...

YAYAYAYAYA!!!!! Love this post. :)

Megan Phillips said...

It looks like she has a halo around her head. She is a little angel. I am so excited to see her come into this world, and help raise her to be awesome like her Auntie Meggy! ;)