Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Playing Hooky!

The beginning of last week was rough with Caleb. My patience has been extremely short with him, and I am constantly feeling guilty for how I react to him. One particularly rough morning he said "Mom, you don't even play with me anymore." That hurt my heart.

Since Caleb started school, our schedule is the same every day. I run my errands while Caleb is at school, we go to the gym, and do the basic necessary activities that need to be done. Add rainy weather, and we have a recipe for a boring mundane life I suppose. In New Mexico we would frequently go to the zoo, park, playgroup, etc. so when I heard those words, I heard the cry from a little guy that missed his fun mom.

We woke up Friday of last week, and the sun was shining! It was such a beautiful day. I decided there were more important things than school. We played hooky! We quickly ate breakfast, got ready, and headed up the canyon to do the Twin Falls hike (about 3 miles there and back). It. Was. A. BLAST! So gorgeous, we were the only ones there, and my kiddos and dog were in Heaven! The trail was closed at .75 miles due to a land slide which would have been a huge bummer if I followed rules. We climbed over the fence(s) and were able to enjoy the entire gorgeous hike. Caleb hiked it like a champ, and Codi was my little chatter box buddy on my back. Afterward, we decided it was a special occasion to try out an authentic Thai restaurant I've been really wanting to try. Caleb LOVED it!

It was one of those magical days that don't come up very often. I'm so grateful that we as parents can make it up to our kids at times. I often feel like I am not parenting the way I'm supposed to, and it breaks my heart. Sometimes my kids drive me nuts, and the guilt, oh the guilt. But the day we ditched school together was a day that all was right with the world. Hopefully I can continue to break out of our routine here and there to create such beautiful memories with my littles!

I wish the video showed it more clearly, but here is our little Codi flirting with the people sitting near us. She is a CHARACTER! This girl is just TOO MUCH! We adore her! 


Mel said...

I think we are sisters separated at birth. I have moments like these when I pull all four of my kids out of school for a TLC day. They are the best and totally what I need to rejuvenate as a mom. You are a good momma!

Starla said...

How have I missed this post? What a fun fun day and such an important lesson. I'm so grateful you listened and heard Caleb, recognized the need and then acted upon it. Proud of you Mommy. And I'm very jealous I didn't get to go along. Love and miss every one of you!!!

Starla said...

I love this little girl. She reminds me so much of her beautiful mother. Pap

Christine said...

What a sweet mom you are, Bri. I hear you on the mom guilt. With more than one child, it's hard to give each one the attention they need sometimes.

Jill H. said...

Whoa! I didn't hear about this, except for the part that you hiked over the fence that was closed!! I was wondering what Caleb was talking about!! :) Now I know!! Great shots of you and your cute kids!