Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I know I should probably not post this, but even though I was disappointed, it later cracked me up. Luckily it was only his PE teacher, but still, not OK. 

When I decided to put Caleb into Kindergarten this year, I was nervous (he will do it again next year when we move) because he is so young, and well, has a hard time following directions...ha. Sound familiar mom? Since it was half day, and preschool here is about 300 a month, I figured I would take advantage of the amazing schools out here and use it as a free preschool. It has been awesome. He loves it, and it works great for our schedule. 

I emailed his teacher about this incident, and asked how he was doing in class. She did say he does have a hard time focusing sometimes, but that he is responding well to a stamp chart she has in the class. We decided to also do a sticker chart at home that correlates with how many stamps he gets at school. Mrs. Pierce emailed me yesterday and said he tried really hard yesterday and got the maximum 5 stamps. Go Caleb! She said he is such a happy smiley boy who is friendly to everyone. I've got a wild child, but he is so dang lovable most the time. 

On the same day I got this, Codi had a biting incident at the gym...ha. She is such a PILL. I laugh about this day now, but I felt like a failure. The girls said that if she does it again, they will have to come get me out of class and be done for the day. I started a 30 day fit/health challenge Monday. I am praying she gets her act together. It is all so embarrassing. Having the problem child at the gym is funny, yet I'M THAT MOM...ugh! The thing about Codi is she is happy, hilarious, sweet, with A LOT of sass! She is rough, and we are working on it. But even as an infant, she would pinch me while nursing....little stinker. I have my hands full with this girl, but she is so stinkin endearing. The girls at the gym love to watch her because she is hilarious, but she keeps them on their toes. What am I going to do? 

Anyone have tips on dealing with a biter? They said she did much better today at the gym. 

I'm sure my mom is laughing through this whole post. Laugh on woman, laugh on! Good thing I know they will be fine. I sure love these two. They might not be easy, but they have spunk which I love. My kids will never be called boring, that's for sure! 


Ashlee Merback said...

Oh Willy, fun times.... Kids certainly keep us humble. I too have had a bad mommy week. I am oh so frustrated with my lack of patience and know-how when it comes to dealing with my kids. I sure wish I was better at this. The good news is, you know you turned into one of the best human beings I know, so one day Caleb will quit running around and Codi will quit biting and you will be left with nothing but a heart full of pride and joy!

Jessica said...

Maggie was a biter. She bit kids a couple of times at the gym too. We just did time outs and tried reinforcing the "do not bite" rule. Eventually they grow out of it. Good luck!

Jessica said...

Maggie was a biter. She bit kids a couple of times at the gym too. We just did time outs and tried reinforcing the "do not bite" rule. Eventually they grow out of it. Good luck!

Starla said...

I got to admit that although I'm not laughing I AM smiling and shaking my head. Well Bri you got yours!!! And you will continue to be magnificent as you run to keep up with your active, powerful, adorable children Hopefully they will take after their mother who just happens to be my daughter and one of my dearest friends. I adore you all!!

Starla said...


The key is we have to buy a little tucked away ranch so I can take care of my babies. They need horses, cats and dogs to help you take care of them. We need to go looking when you get here tomorrow. I'll build a house on the property so the kids can run to Baba when they get in trouble at school or at home. Oh how sweet payback is. Love you, Baba