Thursday, October 3, 2013

"Charlotte's Web"

We recently started reading "big boy books" with Caleb. I LOVE it! I have looked forward to the day I could read fabulous books to my children for a long time! We started with E.B. White. First we read "Stuart Little" which Caleb liked, but I wasn't all that impressed. But today we finished "Charlotte's Web". Such a great little story. We all loved it. We are now reading "The Trumpet and the Swan". 

Caleb LOVES screen time. He is obsessed with all things screens which I'm trying to figure out if it's because he doesn't get much screen time, or he is just obsessed. We have to be very careful with his screen time because it affects his mood. We use it sparingly, but I think it's really neat to read a book and have him look forward to watching the movie when we finish. Tonight we had our little "Charlotte's Web" movie party with his favorite girls who live down the road. We had popcorn and treats. Even though Codi was super annoying to watch a movie with, it was a lot of fun, and I LOVED that the movie really stuck to the book. It was fun hearing Caleb narrate parts throughout the whole movie because he already knew the story. It was magic for me to see Caleb watch the story we've been reading day after day come alive on the screen. 

My Caleb has always been a tender boy. I figured he would probably get emotional when Charlotte died. How he shows emotion is the cutest thing. He holds it back because he is embarrassed, but his eyes glisten, and his little mouth turns down as his voice shakes while he talks. We have seen it quite a bit with touching movies we have watched with him. It is something I don't want to forget because it is so cute. 

Tonight after the girls left, he was asking me questions about Charlotte. We have talked a lot about death in our family. He understands it, and we have always been very open about it. He was asking if all spiders die after they lay their eggs. he wanted to know details as to why they died. I talked to him about how Salmon also die after laying their eggs because their life's work is done. 

We talked for a while, and then came the question I knew was inevitable at some point. With his adorable trembling voice he asked "if you died who would take care of me?" "When will you die?" "You said you were old, isn't that when we die?" We had a sweet conversation. Caleb has always had lots of questions about death in the past, so I'm surprised it wasn't until we met "Charlotte"  that he started asking the big questions. 

I love this boy of mine. I love his inquisitive mind. I love that he is tender. I love that he loves to be read stories. I hope to impart the love of reading to my children. It opens worlds. "Charlotte's Web" is such a sweet story of friendship, loss, and love. Thank you Charlotte for aiding in teaching my son these lessons. 

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Enjoy Birth said...

Sweet! I love my boys growing older and having deep conversations with them. It just gets better and better! :)