Thursday, September 12, 2013

I Suck...

I cannot believe I haven't written in so long. I sure miss the days before the big social media push where blogs were what kept us in touch with friends instead of Facebook and Instagram. It is hard to stay motivated to write when it is so convenient with those other avenues. It's sad because I miss the days of REALLY knowing what is going on in peoples lives versus getting snippets on FB. What I need to realize is that I don't write blogs for other people, but for myself and my children/family. I love going back and reading old posts about our life. I am saddened that this last year has had very little recorded. Part of that is probably because this last year has not been the easiest year (translated: one of my hardest ever), but that is no excuse. There are so many awesome things to be grateful for, and I need to record.

Instead of trying to catch up, I am going to post pictures from my instagram which were taken the last couple of months. I am now vowing to be better about posting.
Caleb loves to bring us flowers. Dan woke up with Caleb's gift on his chest. Love him!

Playing ring around the rosies with Grandma Diane when they came into town for Dan's graduation dinner. 

My two lovies during Caleb's swim lessons he took in Albuquerque. 

Here is Caleb walking to his creek which happens to be in our front yard! We are excited to see the Kokonoe salmon run up it next month to spawn!  

This girl, this girl. She is too much for me to take. I seriously want to consume her daily. I can't get enough of this lovey! 

This is our backyard here in Issaquah. It is to die for! We love it. This is a picture of Caleb playing "King and Queen". They are friends. This makes my heart very happy. 

Our first family shot. I love them!

This dude started school last week. He LOVES it! A few days before starting I asked him if he was nervous. His reply was "why would I be nervous, why are you asking me that question?" as if nervousness would not even register for him. I am so grateful to have a boy who feels safe in this world and confidence in himself. I love this guy so much. His fourth year was a rough one for me. The hardest so far. It seems that five years old suits him. I am loving it! I also love that kindergarten is only 2.5 hours a day! I'm not ready to turn this guy over to the school system just yet. 

I had to add this one for good measure. We call her our monster, but I'll tell you what, this girl brings this type of joy into our lives EVERY DAY! 

We are doing well here in Issaquah. I absolutely love this part of the City. So grateful we listened to our brother in  law by moving a small way out of Seattle. It is really awesome here. I love my gym too! It is a life saver! 

Dan is super busy. This rotation is absolutely brutal. But now that I know what to expect (to not see him during the week) we are doing well. It has actually proved to be worse than residency during the week. Thank Heaven we have him on weekends. This rotation ends in December, and we CANNOT WAIT. It was heartbreaking when a few weeks ago Caleb said "I think we should move back to Albuquerque where dad came home"...poor guy. He is doing fine with it now though. Caleb has some wonderful friends in our neighborhood. Life is hard but good. We are grateful to be closing the last chapter of training (HOORAY!) here in Issaquah! More news on where we are headed soon! 


Monica said...

Oh Bri, I have missed your frequent blog posts! I'm glad you'll be posting more often. But I do love catching up with you on Instagram. I can't get enough of your cute kids! I too have slacked off on my blog. It overwhelms me to think about all the things I've missed blogging about. Thanks for inspiring me to be better!

j e s s i e said...

Oh my, I love this!