Friday, January 11, 2013

7 Months

This girl is so much fun right now. She has such a rad personality. Codi is showing off her new trick in the picture on the right. She breathes hard in and out crinkling her nose. It cracks us up every time. Codi also LOVES food. She's not a fan of baby food, but loves the real stuff. So far she's had avocados, blueberries, egg yolk, beans, some of my smoothies, banana, and whatever we are eating that I think would be OK for her. The best part is, she can feed herself! I don't remember Caleb being able to pick up food off his tray until he was more than a year old. She is a champ! And she actually chews (gums) her food. She has been sleeping pretty well lately. The last three nights she's been waking up around 5am to nurse and goes back down until 8:30am. It's been nice, but waking up so late throws a wrench into my day. We love this little. She really is such a sweetheart!


stace said...

She looks so much like her brother!! Such a cutie! I love this age. Enjoy sleeping in, your kids will be in school so soon and the days of sleeping in will be a distant dream. I take advantage of it whenever I can. Plus, you are up at 5:30, technically :). You just take a short nap each morning.

Tiffany said...
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Tiffany said...

She is absolutely adorable! I'm glad you're having so much fun :)